Here is the severed forearm and hand I’ve been working on. As with the head I started with the skeleton and built up the muscles and skin surface before adding a subtle touch of colour to the wax. The wax is a joy to work with and I have embarked on a huge learning curve in terms of its potential for the kind of work I do. 


Here is my very first attempt at modelling with wax. I have a lot of experience with clay but thought I would try a new material. I’ve found that I prefer the wax…it allows me much more detail and for the particular work I do – where I need to express as much emotion as I can in the figure – it is a much better medium. I built the skull first and then laid on the muscles and the flesh as in an ecorche. I finished the piece over three days of work. This first effort will definitely not be the last!

IMG_0774IMG_0777The piece is based on Kostoglotov, the main protagonist in Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward. He and I have become close friends since I have been drawing and painting him for the Cancer Ward 12 project!

Even though the Cancer Ward 12 show is now over the project continues. I am working on a publication relating to the work done to date. This, alongside a book based on the Drawing Women’s Cancer project is keeping me busy, but I still need to draw and paint, (and now model with wax ), the emotional spaces in between scientific anatomy and existential experience to keep my creative insanity at an acceptable level!


So, the Cancer Ward 12 Exhibition at the Dynevor Centre Gallery is now closed but you can see it on the new exhibition page on my other project site

Once there just click the appropriate heading on the page menu and do scroll down as there is  lot to see!

IMG_0678 copy

The exhibition might be over but the work continues. I am currently putting together a publication based on the project which will be available in e-book and print format. More on that very soon.

I hope that you enjoy the page and that it provides some feel of the physical exhibition. Please do send comments/feedback either by posting here or contact me directly:   All such feedback really helps in progressing and developing my work.

Cancer Ward 12

Here is the invitation to the Cancer Ward 12 exhibition. It will be open through till July 7th and all are welcome to the ‘official’ opening night, Tuesday June 27th 5-7pm. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dynevor Centre, Swansea College of Art, ABMU, and the organisers of the International Storytelling for Health Conference.

Cancer Ward 12 invite front-page-001Cancer ward invite back-page-001

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Later this year I will be putting up a small show of anatomy drawings at Dundee University. I’m working on this piece as a complement to these drawings.

It is in the first stages – quite a large piece and still very rough around the edges… I sense yet a lack of solidity in the structure that is holding me up.

The sun is shining and the noises of the street filter in through my studio door. Inside, I am painting the inside.


Here is a detail of a painting for the Cancer Ward 12 project


Through my work I have seen and experienced much that accords with the worthy aims of medicine as a science that begins with preventing, treating and/or curing illness, and, where cure is not possible, end with facilitating what has been called ‘a good death’. I have also seen and experienced things that have given me pause and reason to question. I will continue questioning on behalf of the patient.


The other part of my artist life is running the Broadway Drawing School in Cardiff where I am very proud to  offer what we believe is a unique (at least in Wales) set of courses in figurative drawing that have a solid basis in the artistic understanding of human anatomy. The ‘flagship’ course is THE BROADWAY ATELIER DIPLOMA IN FIGURE DRAWING, and I am now accepting applications for the new presentation for 2017-18.

Below are some details of the course.  If you are interested in discussing the opportunity please don’t hesitate to contact me.

IMG_0835 copy 3This intensive one-year, part-time course, recognised by the  Arts Council of Wales, will run over three, three-month semesters with starting dates in September 2017 and in January 2018. STUDIO SPACE IS PROVIDED within The Broadway Drawing School

With professional and intensive instruction scheduled primarily during evenings and weekends (averaging three evenings and three weekends per semester) it has been designed specifically to accommodate those who may have work/family commitments. Students who successfully complete all the requirements of the course will receive the BROADWAY ATELIER DIPLOMA (Previous students of this course have gone on the gain places at The Royal Drawing School in London)

The BROADWAY ATELIER DIPLOMA IN FIGURE DRAWING is a unique opportunity to enhance your professional development as an artist. It is designed to deepen your awareness, appreciation, and ability to represent the human form in all its moods and attitudes and includes an intensive learning experience based on the technique of ‘constructive anatomy’. We believe that this course is unique in Wales, and possibly in the UK, and it maximises your learning through a contemporary approach to a traditional ‘atelier’ education wherein theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught through a variety of methods in order to enhance and extend your individual creativity.

With small student numbers and an emphasis on studio practice, students receive an in-depth education in figurative drawing skills and techniques (including a thorough basis in human anatomy) both in two-dimensional, and three-dimensional (ecorche) sculptural form. Practical group tuition and self-directed study will be supported by regular individual tutorials, formal and informal lectures and critical debate. All teaching is carried out within the environment of a professional artists studio.

Admission to the Diploma course will be through interview and portfolio. There is a maximum of 3 places. Interviews are ongoing until course is filled.

  • Total cost of course: £4000 (paid in full in advance, or by deposit and monthly installments). Cost includes:
    24 hour access to studio space
    professional, individual tuition
    formal and informal tutorials
    all handouts and course documentation
    materials for sculpture (ecorche) workshop.




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