My son lives in Glasgow. His English history has long since been transplanted into Scottish soil and he has set down roots that are strong and spreading. The lilting quality of his acquired accent betrays his allegiances, and he is the reason that the piece of my heart still left in Glasgow still thrives. My son is Finn Le Marinel; musician, songwriter, poet… a tall thin man. He sings about pain and about possibility. His lyrics draw on the raw emotion that resides in the wreckage of broken relationships, and as he sifts through the detritus of these things he raps and taps the belly of his guitar to create percussive undertones that must both haunt and herald a sense of hope.

My son sifts through the archives of my work to find pieces that he can relate to and use on his album and EP covers. We travel an emotional road together. Last night he launched a new EP, Love is Waves at The Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. The event was sold out. Here are the images that this time. for the first time, I made specifically for each of the four tracks.