I am in ‘Jac heaven’ where the air is full of the sound and smell of the sea, where angels take the shape of brown pelicans, and just walking to the grocery store is a visceral pleasure.  Each day I walk either along the shore, or past beautiful Victorian architecture in the nationally acclaimed ‘historic district’, to the office I have been assigned at the University of Texas, Institute of Medical Humanities. (To be fair, I actually have two offices… the unofficial one is somewhere between the downtown coffee house, where I am becoming a regular, and the beach!). The official office is on second floor of the newly appointed Primary Care Pavilion (PCP) at UTMB and, tidy and very well-equipped when I took residence, it is now a sea of books, notes and transcripts that bear witness to my work on the Speaking the Unspeakable mongraph that will form part of the ongoing Drawing Women’s cancer project (www.drawingcancer.com). On the wall is my ‘new’ system of notes that involves layers of translucent planning paper (kindly donated by a fellow scholar), each spider diagram a palimpsest of the underlying sheet! I am creating a fat gestalt of my thoughts and ideas!

I am writing – and I am drawing. I am proposing a paper for a panel entitled Portraiture and Pain